My Testimony

Born in New Orleans Louisiana I moved to  Florida when I was a year old with my Mother and sister. She shortly met a man who I would soon call my father. I lived with both parents until the age of ten when my mother and father divorced. While separated my dad adopted me. Through the custody battle I bounced back in forth, switching schools and traveling from state to state. About a year later, after my father won custody of me, I went with my father and my sister with my mother. I grew up in  Florida with my dad – who was loving and steadfast, but was an alcoholic. In 1996 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. While he was ill I  began to run his company at which I had worked with him since I had graduated high school.

With little knowledge of what I was getting myself into, I began to feel overwhelmed. I became depressed and soon started using cocaine. My father soon passed in 2001. I continued to spiral downwards into a heavy drug addiction. As well, the business was lacking.

August 2005 – two weeks after hurricane Charley hit. I was cleaning the aftermath of what the storm had done to my home. At this point I was in heavy debt, had a drug addiction that had control of my life and was keeping this secret from my family and everyone else around me. I did not know how to go on. I dropped to my knees ( with a bag of cocaine in my hand ) and asked God to save me. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. At that very moment, I felt an overwhelming warming sensation of love radiate through my body. I felt as if a bright light was shining down on me. Not exactly sure what had just happened I spent the next days trying to get back on to the right track. I started by admitting my drug addiction to my family and friends, I tried therapy, hypnosis , antidepressants all in which wasn’t quite doing the job. I decided to join a church and I gave my whole life and soul to Christ. I felt Gods love pour out on me. He broke my chains, freed me from my addiction and filled me with the Holy Spirit. I began using the blessing God gave me and became part of the praise and worship team at the church. I was INSPIRED by Jesus. I pray this testimony will help others realize that God will meet you WHEREVER you are. This CD I created with God’s inspiration is just as it is named… Straight From God.

God Bless,

Brother Rob Smith

The Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes

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