The Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes

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Evangelical Ministries of Anita Fuentes – Be part of our live Church Congregation Chat and fellowship with like-minded believers. Be renewed and refreshed as the Holy Spirit leads and guides each and every broadcast.

Right Now Media – Instantly stream biblical teaching to your Sunday school, home groups, men’s groups, women’s groups or youth groups. Resources from over 150 leading Christian publishers and ministries.] – When you login, Memverse will present you with the memory verses that are due for review. The timing between review sessions is calculated by the software so you don’t need to keep track of this yourself. Memverse will keep track of all your memory verses and will show you how you are progressing. It will recommend that you add new memory verses at the appropriate time.

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BibleGateway – Bible Gateway is a Christian, mission-centered enterprise, focused on making Scripture freely available on the Web in multiple languages and translations. While committed to excellence in the presentation of Biblical content, it is governed by a set of theological affirmations. This is not intended to restrict use of the site but rather to promote trust in its content.